About Us

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Hello, thanks for popping past to learn a bit about our story!   

I'm Lucia (the one in the middle of the photo)

I founded Petrizzi a few years after I started making sleepwear in London in 2013, when I was expecting my first daughter. It was impossible to find decent, pretty pyjamas, made from natural fabrics at the time, and I wanted to wear something that was safe and non-toxic, that I knew had been well made.   

So my journey started there - I sourced organic cotton fabrics from London Fabric Shows, taking along my reluctant newborn baby, then found a fabulous pattern maker to help me with my designs, and then sampled, sampled and sampled some more…to get the perfect cut and fit.   

london fashion textile fair baby photo

I managed to find the most beautiful fabrics in Europe (that were GOTS-certified organic cotton too) ...and the lace trims used are made by the last remaining lace-maker in Nottingham, that has been in the same family for nine generations.

It is beautifully artisan lace, that is a true privilege to be able to use.

It was also supplied to Kensington Palace and featured on Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding dress in 2011. 

Everything I’ve learnt about sustainability in fashion (from manufacturing, suppliers, packaging, fulfilment etc) I’ve tried to put into my brand from start to finish. Every garment is handmade and hand finished. And we’re totally plastic free.   

So, hopefully your search for beautiful pure cotton, British-made and organic sleepwear is over!   

And we REALLY hope you love wearing our clothes as much as we love making them.   

Lucia x


Petrizzi Organic Cotton Womens Maternity Sleepwear